Modern ball-pool ball cleaner

Ball-pool balls cleaning and desinfecting machine

Modern ball-pool ball cleaner INOXA has been made and designed to provide the maximum of cleanliness and hygiene of balls in ball pools.

The automatic mechanism changes the process of manual pool-ball ball polishing into comfortable and efficient method. It combines three functions - bathing ball-pool balls in water, mechanical cleaning with the use of a special brush, and disinfection with antibacterial solution.


After manual separation of damaged ball-pool balls, good balls get into antibacterial bath. Ball-pool balls are delivered via spiral and 140 000 nylon fibers, installed on a rotary brush, precisely remove even smallest smudges. The innovative construction of angled tank limits the amount of needed water to minimum. It doesn’t require power supply or drainage enabling work in any place. The device is portable and easy to assemble and transport. Stainless steel, and motor with a thermal sensor ensures the safety and endurance of ball-pool ball cleaner.

Independent biological and antibacterial tests prove that this method eliminates more than 95% of bacteria including E. coli and MRSA, as well as fungi and viruses that are present in dirty ball-pools.

Ball-pool ball cleaner INOXA features

cleaning with water

mechanical cleaning with a rotating brush

disinfection with an antibacterial solution

Plenty of companies and child-friendly institutions have appreciated its quality and values. By promoting the cleanliness of ball pools they take care of their image and prestige, which provides them the respect of their small customers’ parents.

Device’s qualities

  • high efficiency
  • compact size
  • mobility
  • ability to work anywhere
  • saving water
  • durability and reliability


Efficiency: max. 3 600 ball-pool balls/h. = 1 ball-pool ball/sec.
Diameter of ball-pool balls: 7-8 cm
Cleaner made of: stainless steel
Dimensions: 75x50x45cm / 48kg
Water level: min. 15L - max. 25L
Water filling: through the inlet
Water outlet: 1/2 inch cap
Brush: 10x60cm (diameter x length)
Number of fibers: 140 000
Motor: 230V/1320rpm. / 0,37kW
Spiral: INOX - stainless steel
Desinfectant: Concentrate - 1L GRATIS
Mark: CE
Warranty: 1 year
Delivery: By courier on euro-pallet 80x60cm
WARNING: Before switching on raise the kickstand (UP) and fill the cleaner (20L water and desinfectant). Remember about suplement of liquid to the level indicated on speculum.


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About us

The popular game amongst our children is „a dry pool”. The exposure of ball-pool balls to numerous hands requires maintaining of increased level of cleanliness in this place. Majority of companies owning playrooms for children don’t have any efficient way of getting rid of the bacteria from unclean ball-pool balls. To meet this challenge a team of innovative engineers created a device that meets both cleanliness and operational requirements.

Hygiene and children’s safety are our top priority. Regular cleaning of dirty ball-pool balls and separation of damaged balls are absolutely necessary.

Our modern ball-pool ball cleaner INOXA effectively solves this problem being a standard equipment of each children’s playroom.